Market to Market Relay Running Race is a racing event in which there are over 350 teams willing to be a part of the race. The teams are said to be from 20 different states. Different volunteers form teams. These teams compete each other to be the winner. The Market to Market race goes for over 75 miles and there are total of 18 stages included.



Each team should consist of six, seven or maximum eight members. The team members carry a baton. Every member is placed to an Exchange Point. The runner from the starting line from each team, holding the baton runs towards the next exchange point. He then passes that baton to the team member waiting for him at the exchange point and this goes on. This game contains total eighteen stages. Each stage covers distance of approximately three to five miles.



The race starts from Jefferson and ends at downtown Des Moines. There are certain race rules which include.

- No Use of Vehicles – There should not be any assistance from vehicles. No runner or participant is allowed to ask for assistance from vehicles on the way. Either it’s a car, a bike, a bus or a motorcycle. Runners should run on their own.

- Order of Running – There is a unique order of running. If there is a team of seven members, the first runner would complete the stages 1, 8 and 15. The runner 2 would complete the stages 2, 9 and 16. The third runner would complete the stages 3, 10 and 17 and so on.

- Wear Official Team Number – The runners are strictly instructed to wear their team number and the exact sequence they are put into. Anyone who disobeys this might get disqualified.

- Baton Must be Visible – The runners must exchange the batons only at the exchange points and the baton must be visible. Run with the baton in the hand and it should be very much in sight. While at exchange points, it is instructed to hold the baton in such a way that it is clear to everyone.

- Run Through the Right Route – The runners must take the right route, the exact tracks that are assigned to them. Anyone who tries to cheat or take the wrong would go back to the beginning of the right route and will continue from there.

- Avoid Public Urination – Teams are strictly forbidden to urinate anywhere in the public area. There are allowed to only use the bathrooms that are provided to them to use.

- No Alcohol – While the race is going on, no team member is allowed to even have a drop of alcohol. It can be taken later after the race is over, but it is strictly not allowed to consume it during the race.


Bottom Line

This is a very healthy activity, keeping people active and agile. The greenery all around the trails for the race makes sure that the participants not only experience a fresh and healthy run but also amuse themselves with the greenery around them. This is a remarkable idea for giving a chance to the skilled and well-maintained runners to have a chance at winning such a great race.

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