Best Salomon Running Shoes for Women

So what is the best running shoes on the market for womens? One word: Salomon

Whether you’re an elite trail running athlete, an afternoon hiker, or someone who has ever traveled any distance by foot…

…you know the importance of appropriate footwear.

From climbing Everest to indoor soccer; hiking the Appalachian Trail to running the New York Marathon, the right shoe is essential.

Salomon fully understands this concept and they have applied it to their latest trail running shoe. The Salomon XA Pro 3D.

The Salomon XA Pro 3D

Every trail runner knows, there is only one constant on the trail: demanding terrain.

Every trail running shoe should be focused on support.

Salomon perfectly executes this requirement in four parts:

The “3D” in XA Pro 3D stands for Salomon’s 3D Advanced Chassis. This chassis is immensely rigid, offering class leading support, especially on uneven terrain.

Salomon’s brand specific chassis is combined with a uniquely flat profile, giving the Pro salomon’s shoes Mirrored “L” shaped lugs

3D’s outsole massive amounts of contact with the ground.

The shoe’s sole has an exterior ring of very dense, rigid plastic that aids the chassis in support.

The tread pattern is rows of knobby, “L” shaped lugs that hold firmly to even the toughest terrain. The “L” design also sheds water and debris.

Even with the XA Pro 3D’s impeccable support, it is massively comfortable.

Salomon’s EndoFit Tongue Design

To counteract the discomfort of a rigid, plastic outsole, Salomon has placed a soft, form fitting plastic in the center of the sole, which responds instinctively to the pressure points of the foot.

The Pro 3D has Salomon’s EndoFit technology. the EndoFit tongue design wraps around the foot and secures it firmly to the sole of the shoe, massively reducing rubbing.

Salomon has incorporated their EVA Midsole technology, which not only reinforces the 3D Advanced Chassis on the heel but offers maximum flex in the forefoot. This aids in a very unencumbered, almost “barefoot” feel.

In addition to the EndoFit technology, the XA Pro 3D has Salomon’s Sensifit Upper. This means…

…the shoe’s upper, (the top part of the shoe in the picture above) is a stretchy, very light weight mesh that hugs the foot without squeezing or causing pain.

The light weight mesh makes the Pro 3D one of the most breathable trail running shoes on the market.

This snug fit from the combination of the EndoFit and Sensifit technologies puts this trail running shoe at the top of the class for “hot-spot” mitigation.

All of these technologies are impressive, but the coolest feature is Salomon’s Quicklace design.

What is Salomon’s Quicklace deisgn?

Quicklace Design

The Quicklace design swaps out traditional laces for a minimalist draw string and squeeze toggle for quick and easy lacing.

Unlike traditional “quicklace” designs, Salomon has stitched the laces in an asymmetrical, or staggered, pattern. This helps the blood flow easily while providing a snug fit.

What happens with the excess draw string once the shoe is laced?

The normal answer would be something along the lines of, ” Tuck it in your shoe.” Any runner knows this is neither practical or comfortable…

…but Salomon has innovated here as well.

Sewn atop the EndoFit tongue is a small pouch that is just large enough for a runner to stuff his or her excess draw string into. The small draw string pouch is perfectly placed, out of the way, and retains the string and toggle through all terrains and conditions…

…meaning you won’t be stopping every couple paces to recollect the loose laces.

Just cinch down the toggle, tuck the excess into the pouch, and enjoy your run!

Salomon’s innovative genius isn’t done just yet…

While maintaining a sleek profile, Salomon has managed to build a roomy toe box with a formidable toe guard.

Thick plastic is molded over the front of the shoe to offer some protection from roots and Salomon footwearrocks. Because of the mesh upper, this shoe is susceptible to water. The toe box does a fair job at displacing water and shielding the shoe from excess surging.

At the heel, in order to keep debris and water from being kicked up and into the shoe, Salomon has flared the sole out past the main body of the shoe, to act as a deflector.

This trail running shoe is designed with every potential user in mind.

The XA Pro 3D is truly, in my personal opinion, the best trail running shoe on the market.

However, everyone is different and the “one size fits all” mantra is rarely true…

…especially when it comes to trail running shoes.

We’ve heard the “pros”… but what about the “cons?”

A common complaint with the Pro 3D is its bare-bones design. Its life expectancy isn’t as good as some other trail running shoes on the market.

But never fear!

If the longevity of the shoe is a major concern for you but you are interested in the Pro 3D, Salomon has you covered.

They have created the XA Pro 3D GTX. (GTX stands for Gore-Tex)

Gore-Tex is a highly durable and ultra water resistant material that is used in many different types of outdoor apparel.

You will have a tough time finding a “cent-for-cent” shoe better than the Salomon XA Pro 3D.

Starting at around $70-$80, the Pro 3D soars past much of the competition.

Trail running shoes can easily hit price points far higher than this…

…and trail running shoes at this price point can sometimes be complete failures.

But the Pro 3D’s quality is hard to beat at any price point.

You’ll be a believer when you slip into your own, brand new pair of trail running shoes.


Q. What are some comparable brands?
A. Brooks, Asics, New Balance, Merrell, Altra, North Face (these are just a few)

Q. Is there any warranty with the product?
A. Salomon has a 2 year warranty on all their products, with the exception of some of their snow gear, which has a 3 year warranty.

Q. What is the return policy?
A. Salomon has a 30 day return policy.

Q. Where can I go to buy?
A. Salomon has their own online store. Also the link below is to their storefront on Amazon.

Q. Is there anywhere I can go to see or test out the product before I buy?
A. Absolutely! Salomon products can be found at most outdoor retailers like R.E.I, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and L.L. Bean.

Q. Do they have a women’s version?
A. Yes they do! It’s essentially the same, just with different color options.

Q. Does Salomon only sell trail running shoes?
A. Not at all. They sell many different types of athletic shoes, outdoor/athletic clothing, as well as packs and eye wear. They also sell winter sports equipment and gear.